Solid/Liquid Separation Filter Equipments

MAS Filter

Microfilt Automated Strainer (MASTM) Filter

Microfilt Automated Strainer (MASTM) are offered in several configurations requiring filtration from more than 1000 microns to less than 20 for liquids very high in viscosity in excess of 1 lac cp. MAS is mechanically cleaned-in-place filters, eliminates requirement of high area filter. It continuously clean the filter surface and solids can be intermittently discharged from discharge point. When processing water and water like liquids where a low initial investment is demanded, the Standard Series delivers tremendous benefits. Available in 207, 540, 801 and 1602 models, the Standard Series enables operation at a vast range of flow Rates and retentions.MAS filters are ideal for continuous flow (and also batch) applications. Range of filter media available, slotted wedge wire and sintered wire mesh. Micron rating of filter media variation depends on type of application.

Features and Benefits
  1. Reduced disposal costs, material loss, labour, exposure and inventory
  2. Create Eco-friendly environment
  3. Provides a constant, low differential pressure and more thorough contaminant purge
  4. Can be automated at most of places
  5. Enables removal of a wide range of contaminants
  6. Can be operated at demanding operating condition
Wetted part SS 316 / SS 304* / Hastelloy PP / PTFE / PVDF for corrosive liquids
Non-Wetted part SS304
Elastomer Silicon/PTFE/EPDM
Max. Operating Pressure 7 kg/cm 2**
Max Operating Temperature 1500C (3020F)**

*Other MOC available on request

** Higher temperature/pressure compatibility design available on request

MAS Ordering Guide
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