The Candle Filters are, as all pressure filters, operating on a batch cycle. Candle Filters is the cylindrical shape of the elements that retain the formed cake. Candle Filters are very well suited for handling flammable, toxic and corrosive materials since they are enclosed and designed for hazardous environments when high pressure and safe operation are required. Candle Filters are available in various sizes.


  • The vessel.
  • The filtering elements.
  • The cake discharge mechanism.


Candle Filters are best selected:

  • When minimum floor space.
  • When the liquids are volatile and may not be subjected to vacuum.
  • When there is a risk of environmental hazard
  • Higher yield & catalyst recovery.
  • When the cake may be discharged either dry or as a thickened slurry.


CATRECOTM is a MICROFILT system specifically designed to cater to filtration needs of organic process industries manufacturing fine chemicals, bulk drugs, drug intermediates, agrochemicals, dyes intermediates etc. CATRECOTM is bulk solid Recovery/removal System. Specific to recovery of catalysts for Hydrogenation which recycles the expensive catalysts used in the reaction.

Major system component of CATRECOTM include a Filtration Housing containing CANDLE filter / Vessel to house the filter element, The filter element, Connecting Ports (Inlet, Outlet, Drain, Recycle), Final polishing filter(optional), set of valves, instruments, PLC & control panel (for automatic system) all mounted on a skid for compactness and mobility. Candle Filter housing has been specifically designed to accommodate SS wedge wire, Metallic Sintered Powdered filter of variable heights required in chemical process, API & Industrial process for catalyst recovery, carbon removal & Cake Retention. These housings are fabricated in different configuration to accommodate with variable diameter and height.


Wetted partSS316/SS316L/SS304*/Hastelloy/HALAR/PP/ETFE/PVDF/PFA for corrosive liquid
Non-Wetted partSS304


Max. Operating Pressure7 kg/cm 2**
Max Operating Temperature1500C (3020F)**
  • Minimum hold up hence > 90% Solid recovery & No loss of precious catalyst/solid – higher yields.
  • Enclosed system which Reduce risk of operator exposure to hazardous Materials hence Safe and hygienic operation
  • Compact design
  • Re-usability of filter elements which reduces the filtration cost.
  • Backwash cycle hence Automated Filtration Cycle possible, Reduced filtration cleaning time & Reusability possible.