MICROFILT’S filter presses are characterized by their robust design and engineering. Designed to increased cake holding capacity by the use of screen. The use of screen greatly enhances the flow geometry of the plates. the innovative, rouge design optimized screen consists of an open filtration area that is 40% larger than the perforated screen design. This results in optimised flow path and enables full use of the filtration area. Increased filtration area directly results in increased flow. The fully enclosed design allows for CIP and SIP cleaning. Mechanical dehydration also results in higher yield and lowering of the residual moisture in the filter cake. The filter presses are precision machined for effective sealing to ensure zero leakage.


Size(Cms)Area of Plate (m2)
Cake holding capacity per frame(Ltrs)
13 mm25 mm38 mm
20 X 200.054
0.3530.680 -
40 X 400.275
60 X 600.652
  • All wetted parts with customized MOC and Customized finish.
  • Completely enclosed & Scalable design
  • No undesirable product loss.
  • Option for automatic plate shifters and cleaning portals.
  • Easy assembly and dismantling processes & Easy cake washing possibility.
  • Unique geometry & enhance flow and optimal use of filtration area.
  • Precision machining to ensure perfect sealing.
  • CIP and SIP capability for Pharma, Food & Beverages industries.