MICROLON Nylon membrane Nylon pleated filter cartridges provide superior removal efficiency, yielding the cleanest process fluids in a variety of sterile and fine filtration applications. Inherent hydrophilic nylon membranes ensure no pre-wetting requirement and are conveniently ready to use. With broad chemical compatibility and excellent temperature endurance, these cartridges are ideal options to satisfy various Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Food and Beverage filtration processes. MICROLON is an absolute rated Nylon membrane filter designed for removal of microorganisms and particles in aqueous liquids and solvents. Nylon asymmetric membrane provides absolute retention with superior flow rates and extended service life.


Filter MediumNylon66 Membrane
Support layerPolypropylene
Core/Cage/End CapsReinforced Polypropylene
O ring/GasketSilicon/EPR/PTFE/Viton


Outer Diameter69mm (2.75”)
Inner Diameter33mm (1.30”)
Length2.5”, 05”, 10”, 20”, 30”, 40”
Effective filtration area (10" cartridge)0.65 m2


Micron Rating(µ)0.20, 0.45, 1.0


Endotoxin< 0.25 EU/ml
Extractable0.03 g/10"


Temperature(Nominal)Up to 600C/1400F
Temperature(Max)850C/1850F at ΔP≤1.0 bar(14.5 psi)
Pressure for Normal Flow Direction4.2bar(60.91) at 250C(770F)
Pressure for Reverse Flow Directions2.1 bar (30.5psi) at 250C(770F)
pH value6-13
SterilizationSteam sterilization for 30 minutes at 121 + 2 0C
  • Inert Nylon and Polypropylene components
  • Highly porous Nylon membrane & Inherently hydrophilic membrane
  • Rugged thermally bonded construction Ensures reliable integrity under harsh process conditions and withstands multiple steam sterilizations.
  • Chemical resistant to alkaline solutions and organic solvents, suitable for sterile filtration of those liquids.
  • Biologically inert and Non toxic meets FDA compliance.
  • High pleated area, robust membrane construction enables economical installations & energy savings due to high flow rates and low pressure drops.
  • High flow rate and cost-effective.
  • Filtration of alcoholic & non alcoholic beverages includes, Wine, beer, mineral water, Juice, pure water.
  • Sterile filtration of Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology include API, LVP,SVP.
  • Solvents sterile filtration for analytical determination .
  • Filtration of Fine chemicals, especially ketone, ester, ether.
  • Used for process water filtration in microelectronic application.