MICROFILT have a advanced MICROSSTM as CROSSFLOW filtration system which is also known as tangential flow filtration. Cross flow membrane filtration is pressure driven technology which is used for to separate/concentrate solids and molecules of colloidal size up to ions. In cross flow technology first the separation of suspended solid particle from inlet stream, For this mostly ceramic membrane is used. This is also called as MICROFILTRATION (MF). For further separation, fractionation and concentration of smaller molecules like protein, salt, sugar, colouring agent etc. Polymeric Spiral membrane is used.

In this system feed is pumped through the channels, inside the channels there is an active membrane layer. The membrane layer separate all the element being bigger than the membrane pores, filtrate is permeate through membrane layers and support. Boundary of formation of cake thickness is control by cross flow of retentate. Cross flow filtration kit consists of microfiltration, ultrafiltrtion combination with nanofiltration, designed to suit the critical requirement of industry specific application right from high end Biotech system to a very low end effluent treatment.

MICROFILT is one of the best leading providers of Cross-Flow Technology in process industry and deliver the Cross-Flow Filtration system which is specially designed according to various process and customer requirement

  • Recirculation of Retentate hence continuous process.
  • Feed is flow tangential direction thereof Filtration is faster & more efficient & More flexible.
  • Automatic back flush system hence Simple & efficient cleaning procedure & Smooth Filtration.
  • Prevent the formation of cake which give high filtrate recovery.
  • Process feed i.e. retentate remains in the form of mobile slurry (concentrated form) suitable for further processing.
  • Use of ceramic & spiral membrane all these are Chemical & thermal stable, Low trend fouling & Resistance towards various solvent
  • Clarification of solutions from food ,beverages & chemical industry as well as the biotechnology.
  • Biomass and Endotoxin separation from fermentation broth.
  • Used in filtration of highly demanding pharmaceutical, Bulk fermentation Process (antibiotics, food additives, ferments, enzymes…) and biopharmaceutical (vaccines) applications.
  • Continuous separation of catalyst from process solution.
  • Used in separation of plasma, antibodies and fractionation of various factors from blood.
  • Recycling of used CIP solutions.
  • Concentration & diafiltration of protein solution, Sugars, sweeteners and derivatives.
  • Purification or fractionating of dissolved substances in aqueous solution.
  • Use in filtration and fractionation of various of Milk and dairy products.

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