CMDF filter modules contains advanced cellulose based depth filtration media, designed to retain contaminants by both mechanical entrapment and electrokinetic adsorption. CMDF filter media is composed of high surface area filter aids embedded in a cellulose fiber matrix. The manufacturing process involves forming a filter matrix with an interconnected filtration structure with charged electro-kinetic capture mechanism. This results in porous and tortuous network capable of removing bacteria, particulate, cellular debris and submicron contaminants to a level which mechanical screening alone cannot achieve. Microfilt CMDF Module filter is available in 9 cell, 12 cell, 14 cell, 16 cell and as per customer requirement. Microfilt CMDF series filters are made for a broad field of solid liquid separation applications. The technology is designed for high service life of filter media and equipment. Its high filtration performance, top manufacturing quality and comprehensive set of certificates meet the high standards sensitive applications


Filter MediumCellulose ,Filter Aid, Resin Binder
End ConnectionsFlat Gasket
GasketSilicon/EPR /Viton


Outer nominal diameter of Module304.8 mm(12"), 406.4(16")
Effective nominal filtration area (1 cell)
12” OD0.11 m2
16” OD0.22 m2
Nominal Round sheet size (mm/inch)202(8”), 222(8.5”), 352(14”), 461(18”), 470(18.5”), 610(24”)
Nominal Square sheet size (cms)20×20, 40×40, 60×60


Grade Available11P, 12P, 13P, 14P, 15P, 16P, 17P, 18P, 19P


Temperature(Max)82oC - For Module , 121oC - For Sheet
Pressure (Max)5.1 bar (75 psi)
  • Pre-extracted inorganic filter aid.
  • Easy-to-install module for rapid change-out, easy to use, reduces labour costs, positive sealing mechanism.
  • Variety of module sizes and filtration surface areas, Flexible options for all flow requirements.
  • The advanced manufacturing process control results in very uniform filtration media and consistent lot-to-lot performance.
  • More than three times the strength of competitive media to withstand multiple steaming and hot water sanitization cycles.
  • Haze and particle removal even smaller than the mechanical rating alone.
  • Removal of haziness from various chemicals, alcoholic & non alcoholic beverages, Pharmaceuticals, solvents.
  • Biomass removal from the biological preparations.
  • Used in filtration of various enzymes, protein solutions & various Biologicals.
  • Solid/Liquid separations.