Nutsch filter batch filtration technique that uses vacuum/pressure in a closed vessel is mostly used in chemical and pharmaceuticals industries. The system consists of closed vessels with variety of filter media. In this filter solid/liquid slurry is aided by pressurizing the vessels/applying the vacuum. Liquid is passed through the filter and solid concentrated on filter media i.e. cake is retained on filter medium. Synthetic filter cloth, filter pad or the metallic filter is mostly use as filter media. This filter is specially designed for solid liquid separation. We offer cleanable, non-fibre/particle releasing Sintered SS316L filter discs as a option. This is a major advantage in applications requiring filtration of antibiotics, vitamins etc. in sterile rooms where ordinary centrifuge cannot be used and use of conventional filter cloth is ruled out. Nutsch filters are designed to facilitate flexible discharge.


Wetted partSS316/SS316L/SS304*/Hastelloy/HALAR/PP/ETFE/PVDF/PFA for corrosive liquid
Non-Wetted partSS304


Max. Operating Pressure7 kg/cm 2**
Max Operating Temperature1500C (3020F)**
  • A closed system under vacuum or pressure, minimizes cake contamination.
  • Enables very high solvent recovery
  • Semi or fully automated & easy to handle/operation
  • CIP/SIP is possible Comply with GMP and other health and safety requirements.
  • Easy product/cake can be recovered cleanly.