MICROFILT’S Horizontal Filter Press also known as SPARKLER filter, redefine filtration through compactness, ease of operation and robust engineering. Which are ideally suited for filtration of syrup, liquid, chemicals, oil beverages etc. the filter presses are totally enclosed, leak proof assembly. Horizontal filter press, Filter cartridge assembly made of no. of disc Type Filter plates perforated filter screens, filter media, Inter locking cups with pump & piping, mounted on trolley. The swing bolt design ensures air tight sealing and also gives the operator the ability to quickly assemble and disassemble the filtration system. Jacketing option can be provided for heating or cooling the product. The zero hold up models ensure all the fluid is transferred to the filtrate side without any holdup. Skid mounted assembly ensures portability and compactness. The filter presses are available in various MOC to suit the product to be filtered and the process required. Various nominal diameters are available 8, 14,18,24, 33 inches with a surface area ranging from 0.1 – 10 m2.


Wetted partSS316/SS316L/SS304*/Hastelloy/HALAR/PP/ETFE/PVDF/PFA for corrosive liquid
Non-Wetted partSS304


Max. Operating Pressure7 kg/cm 2**
Max Operating Temperature1500C (3020F)**
  • All wetted parts with customized MOC & customized finish is possible.
  • Skid Mounted therefore maximize serviceable space & no longer a delimiting construction barrier.
  • High product yield & Zero hold up design
  • Batch Type Process & system.
  • Easy Removal of Cake.
  • Fully enclosed filtration system
  • Provide complete documentation which meets CGMP & FDA compliance.
  • Number of filter media available with different capacity of system.
  • Precise positioning of plates ensures tight sealing.