On line housings are designed for vertical online mounting primarily for air vents etc. The housings are made of high quality SS316L stainless steel (for Pharma / biotech applications) and other suitable MOC as required. Housings come with gaskets and O-rings compounded only from FDA approved materials. A choice of easy to use sanitary diaphragm valves for steam inlet and condensate drain is provided to be used during sterilization of the cartridge and the housing for Pharma & Biotech application. The Inlet and outlet end connections are standard triclamp connections. The housing is capable of incorporating single cartridges of multiple lengths to suit required flow rates. Housings can accommodate a single round of filter cartridges of 5”,10”,20”,30”,40” inches long. Multiple rounds are available on request.


Wetted partSS316/SS316L/SS304*/Hastelloy/HALAR/PP/ETFE/PVDF/PFA for corrosive liquid
Non-Wetted partSS304


Max. Operating Pressure7 kg/cm 2**
Max Operating Temperature1500C (3020F)**

All wetted parts with customized MOC & Customized finish.
CIP and SIP is possible as per Pharma/ Biotech requirements which meets CGMP & FDA compliance.
Option of sanitary & non sanitary valves , easy for moisture draining or condensate removal.
All housings with complete documentation which meets CGMP & FDA compliance.
Due to High grade surface finish low bacterial/particle adhesion & easy of cleanability is possible.
Optional Jacketing with thermostat feature it maintain temperature above condensation temperature.
Quick opening and closing of the dome hence less labor required.