MICROBAG Filter bags are the most economical filtration media for filtration of highly viscous fluids like oil and for fluids with high levels of solid content. MICROBAG has high surface area and dirt holding capacity .MICROBAG filters are fabricated using high dirt holding media that provides consistent particle retention. Longer life reduces purchase cost, downtimes due to change outs, and disposal costs and thereby reducing the overall filtration cost as compared to cartridge filters. MICROBAG filter’s unique, graded layering of media starting with a built in pre-filter inner layer and progressing to the tighter outer layer ensures the particles are systematically removed as fluid travels through multiple layers with each individual layer performing a special function.


Filter MediumPolypropylene, Polyester, PTFE, Cotton, Nylon
End ConnectionsSentinel, Snap Ring


Standard Sizes (Nominal)
Outer Diameter(Inch)7744
Nominal Filtration Area(m2)0.240.450.050.15


For Polypropylene & Polyester Bag1, 5, 10, 15, 25, 100
For Nylon & Cotton Bag25, 122, 150, 200, 400


Temperature(Max) For Polypropylene Bag : 70 0C/1580F For Polyester, Nylon, Cotton : 120 0C/2400F
Pressure (Max)5.1 bar (75psi)
  • 100 % Purity of components provides external wide chemical compatibility and permits in a broad range of fluid and applications.
  • Fixed pore structure, consistent particle removal.
  • Contains no binder no additives
  • Maximum chemical resistance with minimum extractable.
  • Biologically inert and Non toxic meets FDA compliance.
  • Echonomically designed handle for ease of bag removal.
  • High surface area which Enables extremely economical installations and compressor energy savings due to high flow rates and low pressure drops.
  • Welded side seams and thermal treated exterior surface.
  • Control of fiber migration and subsequent downstream fluid contamination vessel design.
  • Solid /Liquid separation
  • Filtration of alcoholic & Non alcoholic beverages like Beer, wine, spirits, Juice and many more
  • Fine particle removal in parts cleaning
  • Use in Prefiltration & Final filtration of lacquers, paint, varnishes
  • Final filtration of vinegar
  • Activated carbon removal in process systems
  • Final filtration of Petroleum , hydraulic oils and lubricants.