Microfilt charged modified depth filter carbon modules are comprised of highly porous activated carbon combined with cellulose fibers. The unique formulation process creates filter media with exceptionally high void volume allowing the module to be efficient in decolorizing fluids and absorbing a wide array of unwanted contaminants from process streams. Microfilt CMDF carbon series modules eliminate many of the common process and safety issues associated with bulk activated carbon technology. Each grade of CMDF carbon media is formulated to optimize retention and flow properties to meet an application’s requirements. Manufacturing by means of an advanced, highly automated production process results in very consistent product quality and filtration performance. Microfilt CMDF carbon Module filter is available 12”and 16” diameter with customized area and as per customer requirement


Filter MediumCellulose ,Activated carbon, Resin Binder
End ConnectionsFlat Gasket
GasketSilicon/EPR /Viton


Outer nominal diameter of Module304.8 mm(12"), 406.4(16")
Effective nominal filtration area (1 cell)
12” OD0.11 m2
16” OD0.22 m2
Nominal Round sheet size (mm/inch)202(8”), 222(8.5”), 352(14”), 461(18”), 470(18.5”), 610(24”)
Nominal Square sheet size (cms)20×20, 40×40, 60×60


Grade Available771CP, 72CP,73CP AND ALSO CUSTOMIZED


Temperature(Max)82oC - For Module , 121oC - For Sheet
Pressure (Max)5.1 bar (75 psi)
  • Immobilized carbon in a cellulose-resin binder matrix which eliminates the handling of bulk powdered carbon, eliminates equipment and solvent contamination with carbon dust and improves worker safety.
  • Variety of carbon grades are available.
  • Efficient adsorption hence reduces equivalent carbon quantity.
  • Quality of filtrate equivalent to bulk carbon treatment which eliminates messy handling.
  • Variety of module sizes and filtration surface area.
  • The advanced manufacturing process control results in very uniform filtration media and consistent lot-to-lot performance.
  • Small footprint systems reduce floor space requirements.
  • CMDF Carbon filters are most effective at removing chlorine, sediment, volatile organic compounds taste and odour from water.
  • Removal of colour from various chemicals, alcoholic & non alcoholic beverages, Pharmaceuticals, solvents.
  • Haziness removal.