MICROGLASS is a glass microfiber prefilters optimized to protect downstream sterile filters. MICROGLASS is constructed with pleated borosilicate fiber glass filter media and effects removal of particles smaller than 1μm. The high surface area ensures long service life and low pressure drops. MICROGLASS provide consistent submicron contaminant removal, high dirt-holding capacity and high flow rates, while removing colloids, aggregated and non-product proteins, lipids and other particles. Glass fiber filter effectively protects downstream membrane filters and equipment. All the cartridges are manufactured and assembled in a clean room environment to minimize the possibility of contamination. MICROGLASS cartridges are available in a wide range of configurations to fit most commercially available filter housings.


Filter MediumBorosilicate Glass Microfiber
Support layerPolypropylene
Core/Cage/End CapsPolypropylene
O ring/GasketSilicon/EPR/PTFE/Viton


Outer Diameter69mm (2.75”)
Inner Diameter33mm (1.30”)
Length2.5”, 05”, 10”, 20”, 30”, 40”
Effective filtration area (10" cartridge)0.50m2


Micron Rating(µ)0.5, 1.0


Temperature(Nominal)Up to 550C/1310F
Temperature(Max)800C/1760F at ΔP≤1.0 bar(14.5 psi)
Pressure for Normal Flow Direction4.2bar(60.91) at 250C(770F)
Pressure for Reverse Flow Directions2.1 bar (30.5psi) at 250C(770F)
pH value1-13
  • 100% pure components provides wide chemical compatibility and permits in a broad range of fluid and application
  • Fixed pore structure, consistent particle removal
  • Contains no binder no additives maximum chemical resistance with minimum extractable
  • Biologically inert and Non toxic
  • High pleated area, robust membrane construction enables economical installations & energy savings due to high flow rates and low pressure drops
  • Purification & clarification of alcoholic & non alcoholic beverages includes, Wine, beer, mineral water, Juice, pure water.
  • Prefiltration & filtration of Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology include API, LVP,SVP.
  • Solvents sterile filtration for analytical determination.
  • Filtration of Fine chemicals, especially ketone, ester, ether.
  • Used for process water filtration in microelectronic application.
  • Filtration in organic solvent, Plating solutions, Ink.