Lenticular housings are designed for providing a robust solution for critical clarification and filtration applications with the help of CMDF module i.e. Charged Modified Depth Filter. Lenticular housings are made of high quality SS316L stainless steel, with internally with external polished finish surfaces. Housings come with gaskets and O-rings compounded only from FDA approved materials. For corrosive fluid we offer wetted part to be PP/PTFE/PVDF. The housing features swing bolt/clamp design for ease of opening and closing the housing dome. The housing also features a choice of Sanitary and Non-sanitary design. The Inlet and outlet end connections are either flanged or standard triclamp connections. The housing is capable of incorporating single or accommodative multiple modules to suit a wide range of required flow rates. Choice of CMDF (cellulose/ carbon) Module available as per custom design.

CMDF modules contains advanced cellulose based depth filtration media, designed to retain contaminants by both mechanical entrapment and electrokinetic adsorption. This filter media is made up of cellulose, Filter Aid and binder resin.

CMDF(Carbon) modules are comprised of highly porous activated carbon combined with cellulose fibers. This filter media is made up of cellulose, Carbon and binder resin.


Wetted partSS316/SS316L/SS304*/Hastelloy/HALAR/PP/ETFE/PVDF/PFA for corrosive liquid
Non-Wetted partSS304


Max. Operating Pressure7 kg/cm 2**
Max Operating Temperature1500C (3020F)**


Filter mediaCellulose, Filter Aid, Resin binder/ Activated Carbon and cellulose fibers


CMDF(carbon)71CP,72CP,73CP(customize grade available)
  • All wetted parts with customized MOC & customized finish is possible.
  • Housings can accommodate multiple of filter modules of 8”, 12” or 16” diameter, varying size of module available based on application.
  • All housings with complete documentation which meets CGMP and FDA compliance.
  • CIP and SIP capability for Pharmaceuticals/ Biotech requirements easy for cleaning process.
  • Substitute of Sparkler filter with CMDF (Carbon/Cellulose ) Filter Media.
  • Avoid the problem of sparkler filter.