The petroleum and petrochemical industry has been an area which has been of keen interest to MICROFILT. Complexities of these hydrocarbon products have been well understood by us. Products and services focused to this industry ensures faster deliveries. Filtration systems can be custom designed for specific filtration needs with key design focus on the concerns of compatibility, volatility and explosive nature of the products in this industry.

A majority of MICROFILT’s products also caters to the filtration of the oils for the machining industries such as Gear Oils, Cutting Oils, Lubricants, coolants etc.

Microfilt has strategized the path of going into the depths of the application, to find out the best possible filtration solution. This ensures that not only you have a vendor with filtration products for the regular applications that are proven, but also for filtration of challenging fluids where trials are to be conducted. We understand that processes in the oil industry are both standardized and under standardization. The products and solutions are tailor made keeping this in perspective..

lubricants and oil